The mission of Freedom United Federal Credit Union is to encourage the habit of thrift among its members and to create a source of credit at a reasonable rate of interest.

Callahan & Associated 2003 Credit Union Directory has declared Freedom United an industry leader in Return on Assets. We qualified to receive a Callahan & Associate’s Certificate of Achievement for our excellent performance in Return on Assets. Callahan & Associate’s is a credit union’s most trusted name in performance comparison. We are proud to have ranked number 74 in the Top 100 credit union’s nationwide, what better way to let you, our member, know how hard we are working for you. Freedom United has achieved above average share growth of 21.71%, far surpassing the 12.6% national average.

BAUERFINANCIAL Reports, Inc., Coral Gables, Florida awarded Freedom United its five-star “SUPERIOR” rating. A five-star is the highest rating and indicates that this credit union is one of the safest in the United States. We have rated a five-star credit union since June 1994.


Freedom United FCU was chartered on October 14, 1939 by employees of the Freedom Oil Company, Freedom Pa. In January of 1987, the Credit Union name was changed to Freedom United FCU.

Freedom United FCU is a member-owned and operated financial organization. Each member is an OWNER, SAVER, and a potential BORROWER. Freedom United FCU is a non-profit financial organization formed under the concept of “People Helping People.”